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FLU is not scary if you know HOMEOPATHY

Influenza is an infectious disease caused by a specific virus - Ortomiksovirus.

INFLUENZA VIRUSWARNING!FOR THE FIRST SYMPTOMS OF INFLUENZA NE Take one OSCILLOCOCCINUM DOSE TUBE IN EIGHT HOURSDisease occurring as an epidemic, more frequently in autumn-winter season.Infection becomes airborne mechanism in direct contact with sick. After asymptomatic incubation period of one to three days to develop a picture of the disease, which occurs in three stages:
Beginning most often with abrupt onset of fever, fatigue, muscle pain and headache. Usually the temperature is higher, the younger is sick (in children may reach up to 41oC).
After two or three days fever, headache and muscle pain decreased, but occur from respiratory symptoms - fever, cough, sore throat, chest pain, etc. There may be eye pain and redness of conjunctiva, tearing, intolerance to light. Rarely typical picture of influenza is complicated by bleeding from various organs, including severe haemorrhagic pneumonia (ie pneumonia with hemorrhages in the lungs).
After five or ten days complaints gradually decreased, but recovery takes longer - sometimes more than a month. During the recovery period the patient feels weak, nervous, irritable, tired quickly during physical and mental effort.
Flu-like conditions are caused by many other types of viruses other than influenza. Clinically difficult to understand whether the disease is caused by influenza or other virus. Final diagnosis is made only after virological examination. That's why grassroots winter viral infections are popular with the name "influenza", which is not correct.
Prevention of influenza is made with influenza vaccine. Problem with vaccines is that they create lasting immunity - the vaccine must be applied to next year again. It does not protect against disease, but reduces the risk of complicated course of influenza. It is therefore recommended placing it damaged patients: diabetes, cancer or chronic respiratory diseases, suffering from heart or kidney failure undergoing treatment with corticosteroids and others.
Prophylactic use of homeopathic medicine Oscillococcinum one tube-dose every fifteen days prevents the development of disease during the epidemic.
Precedence over the flu vaccine that stimulates nonspecific defenses, while the flu vaccine targets of antibodies against a particular type of flu virus (influenza virus exists in several varieties, each against which antibodies develop only after preboleduvane).Viral diseases should be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are medicines that kill bacteria by destroying their cell walls or interfere with metabolism. In the usual practice of using antibiotics used too frequently and unreasonably. This is due first to the inability to relieve the symptoms effectively with ordinary medicines, and the other on the physician and patient complications.
Homeopathic remedies are particularly suited for viral diseases. They stimulate the natural protective mechanisms of the body and prevent disease.
It was found that children who regularly treated with homeopathic medicines in acute viral respiratory diseases in Radko develop bronchitis and pneumonia. Moreover, homeopathic treatment is not accompanied by risk of allergy or other adverse and side effects.
Properly conducted homeopathic treatment leads to faster recovery and prevent complications such as homeopathic remedies stimulate the natural defenses that can only deal with viruses.

In flu syndrome is best at the first symptoms to begin treatment with Oscillococcinum, which is assigned three times daily for one-dose tube. This medication is specifically tested in double blind experience of flu in the UK and France, the survey results show higher efficiency compared with conventional treatments - anti-inflammatory medications.To treatment with Oscillococcinum add medicine consistent with complaints of the patient. Since the early days is not always possible to predict in detail klinichnat pattern of disease and to provide it for a day or two treatments are recommended as leading homeopathic complaint with the following specialties:

* In acute fever can try therapy CORYZALIA. Unlike the general use nose drops (vasoconstrictors, or antihistamines) this drug does not lead to drying of the mucous membrane and does not inhibit local immunity. It is used as get sucked in an hour or two tablets. By reducing the fever receptions dilute

* When hoarseness, combined with a sense of fatigue and loss of vocal cords aloud starting treatment with HOMEOVOX ®. These symptoms are particularly characteristic of people who consistently overwork your voice - teachers, journalists, entrepreneurs, singers, actors. The drug is effective and professional voice fatigue. Treatment begins with a tablet for sucking in a couple of hours to restore the voice and the resolution of a sense of throat irritation;

* When chills, headache, aching muscles and eyes, fever and severe fatigue given PARAGRIPPE ® - one tablet every hour. Usually at the end of the first day clinical improvement occurs and diluted doses three to four tablets daily;

* When leading complaint is sore throat, a feeling of irritation, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing and fever be treated with HOMEOGENE ® - one tablet every half hour. After two days of clinical improvement doses were diluted to three or four times daily.

* If irritating, painful cough to the above medications can be added STODAL ® one teaspoon (for children) or one tablespoon (for adults) five times a day.

This treatment is effective in most patients, if not suffering from any disease, which seriously undermines the immune system. It should be known and situations which require consultation with a specialist

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