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Moderate exercise reduced risk of overweight

Bad news for anyone who thinks that 4 times a week half hour of exercise - walking or cycling - is enough to lose. That does not work! (Unless you eat less). But the good news is that you do away with the dangers of being overweight can take. For example, take the risk of diabetes considerably.
According to research by Gert-Jan van der Heijden, on February 3, 2010 PhD at the University of Groningen. Obesity is not only annoying because you can not handle more size 36 or 38. It is also bad for your health.
Because obesity increases the risk of type 2 diabetes increasing, a chronic disease that only with great difficulty (diet, lifestyle changes, medication) is under control.
Gert-Jan van der Heijden in his research focused on youth. He wanted to know what the effect of a moderately intense fitness training to their health.
Fifteen obese adolescents and fourteen people with normal weight (between 13 and 18 years) were 12 weeks 4 times a week and half hours cycling or running. Their diet changed nothing.
In particular, the obese adolescents snapped up from the training. They were not finished, but the amount of fat in the liver and around the intestines decreased, and decreased insulin resistance.
Even the young people of normal weight insulin resistance took off. In addition, they took the muscle slightly, the amount of fat in the liver and around the intestines remained the same.
Van der Heijden also studied the effect of strength training. One hour twice a week to hang the weights made sure that their muscle strength and muscle mass increased, but insulin increased less sharply than the endurance training. The total fat did not decrease the strength.
All in all obese adolescents so with an endurance of moderate intensity - that is relatively easy to maintain - a significant health gains. So what's stopping you?

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